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1-5 Pats Road
Brookhill QLD 4816

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Reports for 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLD

QLD Title Search

1 hour

InformationStates registered owner and information regarding the mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLD
AUD $52.00

QLD Survey Plan

1 hour

Informationundefined For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLD
AUD $52.00

Development Application/s

1 hour

InformationA report that contains local council information about proposed developments that may impact, devalue or increase the value of the property. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $42.00

Intellival Automated Valuation

1 hour

InformationAn Intellival Automated Valuation can give you key information and insights about your property. The report typically includes a price guide, property attributes, historical sale, recently sold properties and location insights. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $30.00

Lotsearch Environmental Risk Search

1 hour

InformationThe Environmental Risk Search offers a fast and efficient way for obtaining basic information extracted from various government and non-government datasets. It includes records from the Queensland Department of Environment and Sciences environmental authorities register, PFAS investigation and management sites, and waste management and liquid fuel facilities. This product does not include a search of the Environmental Management Register (EMR) or Contaminated Land Register (CLR). For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $103.75

QLD Transport Noise Corridor Search

1 hour

InformationIdentifies if the property is located in a designated transport noise corridor. Note: for unregistered properties, maps will be provided on a neighboring established parcel of land. If the search is unable to be completed on the Lot and Plan provided the search may be processed on the parent details. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $40.00

QLD Powerlink: Property Search

5 business days

InformationShows if Powerlink Queensland has an interest in or within 500 meters of a property, or if Powerlink Queensland is investigating a new route which may affect the property. Plan required for search. No refunds available from Powerlink For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $40.00

QLD FloodWise Property Report

5 business days

InformationThe FloodWise Property Report provides property or lot-based flood information for building and development requirements. This report provides information on estimated flood levels, habitable floor level requirements and more technical information on the four sources of flooding: river, creek / waterway, storm tide and overland flow. This also includes a Flood Awareness Map is for general awareness about the possibility of flooding in your local area. It also provides historic flooding information and information on different sources of flooding. The flood information provided in the Flood Awareness Map is sourced from flood studies and models endorsed by Council. The Flood Awareness Map was updated in March 2019 to include the latest flood data from the Citywide Creek and Overland Flow Path Flood study For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $40.00

QLD Dial Before You Dig Search - NOT incl. Telstra

5 business days

InformationDial Before You Dig is the national referral service for information on underground infrastructure. Please note Telstra searches are not included in this request. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $40.00

QLD Fire Safety Report: Per Building

5 business days

InformationAny Outstanding Notices issued by Fire & Rescue. Please note this council search is requested and obtained for the purpose of a conveyance. Searches cannot be completed for class 1 (a) building (i.e. single dwellings being a detached house, townhouses, terrace houses or row houses or villa (Exception: Boarding House), vacant land, car parks or driveways. For 1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill 4816, QLDSample report
AUD $210.00
Google street view for Brookhill 4816, QLD1-5 Pats Road, Brookhill location

About the Area

Brookhill with a population of 76 is a Rural locality in Queensland and part of the Townsville region. Brookhill covers an area of 54.232 square km and its elevation is 54 meters. Median income is $36,712. It is governed by the local government of Townsville (City).

Region: Townsville
LGA: Townsville (City)
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane
Population: 0.08K
Median Income: $36.7K AUD

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