Google street view for 4122 Peacock Road, Balkuling Balkuling WA, 6383

4122 Peacock Road
Balkuling WA 6383

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InformationStates registered owner and information regarding the mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements. For 4122 Peacock Road, Balkuling 6383, WA
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InformationAn Intellival Automated Valuation can give you key information and insights about your property. The report typically includes a price guide, property attributes, historical sale, recently sold properties and location insights. For 4122 Peacock Road, Balkuling 6383, WASample report
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Google street view for Balkuling 6383, WA4122 Peacock Road, Balkuling location

About the Area

Balkuling with a population of 34 is a Rural locality in Western Australia and part of the Western Australia - Wheat Belt region. Balkuling covers an area of 82.264 square km and its elevation is 270 meters. Median income is $19,032. It is governed by the local government of Quairading (Shire).

Region: Western Australia - Wheat Belt
LGA: Quairading (Shire)
Timezone: Australia/Perth
Population: 0.03K
Median Income: $19.0K AUD

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